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Acupuncture Protects the Immune System

How can acupuncture increase the body’s immune cells to protect you from illness?

Our immune systems are tested constantly throughout the year, trying to fight off illnesses and keep you healthy. Most people don’t spend time worrying about their immune system until it’s too late and you have a cold or another illness. When you are already sick you reach for medicine to help relieve the symptoms, not to help increase the body’s immune cells, acupuncture is a safe way to help your body bounce back and become strong enough to fight off any future infections.

Acupuncture works to strengthen your body and stimulates your immune system’s response which can help with a weakened immune system that needs the right help and support.

There are a lot of natural ways that you can boost your immune system at home, for example taking a cold shower every morning and making sure that you sleep enough to keep your stress levels down. Sometimes though this isn’t enough and can take something like acupuncture to really get your body nice and healthy once again.

People experience different symptoms when they have a low immune system. These are a few symptoms that you might experience.

You can figure out if your immune system is weak by looking out for these symptoms

· Multiple colds a year

· Feeling run down

· Unhealthy hair and skin

· Slow healing of injuries

· Digestive problems

Acupuncture can help if you experience any of these symptoms. It can also help if you have poor sleep, and it can help to reduce your stress and anxiety too which can all impact your immune system. It is important to remember that you may experience different symptoms of having a weak immune system so look out for any changes with your body, energy levels, mental health. Anything that seems a bit odd might mean your immune system is weak.

There are lots of different ways that acupuncture can increase your body’s immune cells and you can target different points on your body that help to destroy harmful bacteria, it is a bit like training your muscles in the gym, overtime they get stronger and can treat underlying health conditions.

Many things can affect your immune system and acupuncture can address this and help to make it all better by increasing your white blood cell and T-cell numbers which can have a long-lasting effect on your immune system.

There are 4 major points that acupuncture can target, they all have different benefits and are the most effective locations on the body.

Targeting the stomach is a great way to increase your energy and to improve your general health. It works to fight off any infections and harmful bacteria that has made its way into your body. To target the stomach the acupuncture will be on the outside of the leg, just below the knee, located near the shin bone. This is one of the most popular locations for acupuncture because it targets your general health rather than something specific.

To reduce fever and help fight off the cold or flu then targeting the large intestine is perfect. It can also reduce inflammation and prevent you from getting poorly in the future. The point is located on the outside of your arm in the elbow crease and can be effective for a month after the treatment.

Congestion and pain in the head is very common and it is a good reason to get acupuncture. Targeting another point of your large intestine can help to relieve this pain and it will improve your immune system too. To get to this part of your body then you will need to target the soft skin between your thumb and index finger.

The lung is the final point that is the most effective and this too helps fight off colds and build up your immune system, it also targets pains that are located on your head or neck. You can find this point just below your writ bone near your thumb.

Targeting these 4 points of your body with acupuncture can really help to protect and boost the immune system and it can make you a lot healthier.

But how does acupuncture actually work?

It increases the number of immune cells that your body has like your red and white cells. It encourages your cells to reproduce at a quicker rate which then boosts your natural defense. It is a safe and natural way to boost your immunity and can have long lasting affects on your body.

There has been lots of research to suggest that acupuncture is one of the best natural ways to protect your immune system, even just one session will make you less susceptible to viruses and bugs that are being passed around.

Acupuncture is thousands of years old and has always impacted people’s immunity. It triggers a natural reaction of the body to prevent you from getting sick and poorly with viruses and bacteria.

If your immune system is very low it can cause long term issues and increase your stress and anxiety. When you get sick it is easy to take some anti-biotics or painkillers but overtime your body gets used to the medication and starts to become immune. This is why building up your immune system before you get sick is important, it reduces your need for antibiotics until you really need it, and then in that case it would work a lot better.

If you experience a weak immune system then it would be beneficial to give acupuncture a go to help protect it and boost your cells in your body that help to fight off infection. It can be a really good natural pain relief too if you struggle with any aches and pain frequently.

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