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The Beauty of Bach Flowers

Updated: May 10, 2021

You will probably have heard of 'Rescue Remedy' and maybe taken a few drops before your driving test or an exam to calm your nerves. But did you ever stop to wonder how it actually works?

There are over 38 individual flower essences which are all extracted from flowers. Each one has its own personality leading to its individual 'treatment principle' with the ability to change a negative emotion into a positive one using the vibrations of the from the flower.

Impatiens is an essence that can be used to change irritability, impatience and a need for everything to be done quickly into a less hasty approach, more thought, patience and tolerance of others. If we look at the flower itself, its growth is rapid and it has an extremely strong structure. When the pods on the flower are ripe the seeds are shot away from it with explosive force in a similar way to how an 'impatiens' personality might react to things!!

The beauty of them is that you can mix up to 6 different essences together to tailor an individualised treatment. Where you resonate with more than one of the flower characteristics this can be combined into one remedy.

Bach flowers are completely harmless and can be used for children as well as adults with no side effects and no contraindications with western medicine. They are also completely safe in pregnancy.

As part of your treatment with me you can choose to have a Bach Flower consultation where we can discuss your emotions and traits in more details and create your very own 'rescue remedy' to help treat how you are feeling right now.

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